An honest review of the SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post

We all love cats. We all love leather couches. For the longest time though, it's been near impossible to have them coexist in the same universe, simply because cats love to scratch, everything! A quote that floats around says ‘As every cat owner knows, nobody owns a cat’. I couldn’t agree more. They always seem to have a mind of their own. Nevertheless, I think I might have stumbled across the pinnacle in feline mind control with the . How good is this cat scratching … [Read more...]

Cat Grooming Tips: Stuff You Need to Know!

When most people get a feline, they neglect the cat grooming part of the job. Now, while cats can take good care of themselves, their fur welcomes any help you're willing to offer. Short hair is easily handled, and in fact some owners don't even brush their cats. Including grooming in your daily routine will keep your cat's fur in check and also decrease the amount of fur found around the house. How to groom a cat Get the tools! Long-haired cats are clearly the challenging kind when … [Read more...]

My honest review of the FURminator. Is this cat brush any good?

I usually use a standard brush on my cats mostly to give them a good massage, and although there was hair left on the brush, there never was a large amount. So while searching on Amazon, I came across this brush with tons of reviews called quite simply... The FURminator. The name sounded impressive but so did the reviews. I mean with , this cat grooming or deshedding tool (whatever you may call it) must be pretty good. Right? So I decided to try it out and see the results for … [Read more...]

How (not) to protect your kittens from fleas

“Your cat must be older than eight weeks!” An inscription of this type is commonly found on most cat products, especially the ones containing chemicals. So basically you can protect your cat from fleas when it already develops an immune response, meanwhile newborns are left defenseless. How do you protect them from fleas and other potentially tiny pests? No direct chemicals any kind, shape, form or size! All babies are the same. Cat or human alike, and just as people protect their babies as … [Read more...]

How to tell if your cat is ignoring you

Did you ever wonder what your cat thought of you? For most cat owners, becoming a friendly image in their cat's eyes is a priority, but sometimes this tends to be difficult. It would be a lot easier if we understood our companions better. Cats only come when they feel like it Have you ever had this happen to you? After a stressful day you remember the best thing that could cheer you up, and as you're practically lifeless body is resting on the couch you call to your cat who is just a few … [Read more...]

Are plants poisonous to cats?

Cats prefer meat just like we do however just like us, they don't only eat meat. Cats sometimes simply like to nibble on certain plants or directly rely on them for food, however not all plants are safe for them. Plants poisonous to cats aren't always easy to spot simply because the ones that are harmless to us, can prove to be dangerous for them. Why do cats eat plants? Primarily as an addition to their diet. Not everything can be found in meat or the food provided to them by their owner … [Read more...]