A feline mayor?

In the beginning of April this year, there was quite a gathering of people in Saint Andrews in Scotland. There were people from the city as well as curious strangers from all over the world, wanting to attend an event you don't see very often. It was the unveiling of the bronze statue for one of the cats in the city for which the citizens gathered around seven thousand euros. The story of Hamish McHamish The life of this four legged celebrity began fourteen years ago in the home of his … [Read more...]

How to create a pet blog in under 3 mins (yes, you heard that right)

I was initially going to title this article "How to create the purr-fect pet blog" but it sounded too cheesy. Anyhow... I get a lot of emails from readers telling me how they love the look of this site (thanks ya'll) and I also get quite a few questions on how they can start a blog of their own. I've realized that a lot of pet owners tend to hesitate when it comes to creating a blog. They think that it’s expensive and that there's a lot of coding and other technicalities and crap … [Read more...]

How do cats get worms?

Cats can get a variety of intestinal parasites. The most common ones are “worms”. There are many ways a cat can get worms and it’s crucial to find out what the source of it is if your cat has them. There are some types of worms that are actually a danger for the human system, so it’s in your best interest to help your cat get rid of them as soon as possible. As I mentioned before there’s a variety of parasites that can harm your cat, but just how do cats get worms? Symptoms of an … [Read more...]

Can cats swim? (no really)

Cats are commonly known as one of the few creatures that hate being in water. Although this may be true for many cats, it doesn’t apply to them all. Cats usually tend to avoid water and there is rarely a need for the owners to give their kitty a bath so there is hardly a chance to find out if all cats have the same feelings about water. If they avoid it, how can cats swim? Do cats hate water? Cats are like just like people when it comes to preferences. Some cats like certain types of … [Read more...]

Why Do All Cats Have Whiskers?

Have you ever wondered why cats have whiskers? Whiskers are the thick, long hair on the face of a cat which is normally flexible and that is why these are also known as tactile hair. These can be located in the whisker pad that is between the outer edges of your cat’s nose and the top corners of its mouth. Like humans, hair and nails fall and then grow then similarly cats’ whiskers also fall out and re-grow. You must be wondering why are these hair called whiskers if they are like normal … [Read more...]

Why Do Cats Have Tails?

The tail is an interesting body part with most creatures that have them and it serves a different purpose animals. The main one being balance while other animals like horses and cows also use it to ward away insects and other pests. Some dogs and cat species barely have a tail or have a very short one, but today's question is mostly fixed on cats. Main purpose of any tail It is balance, as mentioned before. It's not the form of general balance that impacts walking but the balance that … [Read more...]